Colorful BBQ with Valley Arts

A Colorful BBQ!
Join us Wednesday, June 14th 6pm-9pm for A Colorful BBQ! Dine in our newly renovated Lareau Barn surrounded by the work of local watercolor artists. Get a first look at the 6th Annual Green Mountain Watercolor Exhibit (several days before it’s open to the public) as presented in our historic Barn.

Come by yourself, as a couple, or gather some friends to make a table of 8!
The Colorful BBQ is a Valley Arts fundraiser, which helps the Valley Arts, a not-for-profit organization, continue to provide arts education, activities and community involvement in all of the arts.
Tickets are $100.00 per person and include wine with dinner and may be purchased by phoning Valley Arts at 802-496-6682, by emailing or through the Valley Arts website:

Roasting & Braising with Molly Stevens

Roasting & Braising with Molly Stevens

Mtn Bike Trail :: Sneak Peek!

Evolution Trail – Sneak Peek!

7/07/2016 - Just got back from a fantastic ride on the Revolution trail connecting with Dana Hill Road and entered the newest Evolution trail (which is under construction) and about 2/3rds of the way done back down Revolution trail to my desk where I know sit.

I am a self described “Intermediate” rider, the Revolution trail is challenging without being scary or intimidating. Dana Hill rd. climb is a bear of a climb so most times I turn around and come back to Lareau Farm. I am tickled to have the newest trail Evolution to extend my ride and deliver me to the top of the hill where other trails connect with a whole network of riding in the Camels Hump State Forest-Howe Block.  The portion of the completed trail is flowy, fun and climbable without blowing a lung on the way up. Check out the pics below and come out for a ride. A BIG thanks to; VT Dept of Forest Parks and Recreation, Mad River Riders, Featherbed Inn, Dana Forest Farm and Sinuosity for building the trail. I am told it is going to be open for action in advance of the Vermont Mountain Bike Festival on July 23rd. Come out and ride! Stay for a visit, a cold beer at the end, delicious farm to table flatbread dinner, or longer deep relaxing stay at Lareau Inn (get multiple rides that way) — don’t forget to hit the swimming hole after!

NOTE: Please stay off the Evolution trail until construction is complete (July 21st, 2016)


Evolution trail (at the top)


First 180 degree turn, feels like a swirly with a great berm to bank your turn


Options: jump the 5' rock or roll on by!


Section of the trail that is being worked on 2/3rd of the way down, Brooke from Sinuosity with his mini excavator


180 degree turn under construction


flagged section through the trees


flagged section near the bottom in the pines


Nice wooded stretch along an old stone wall with wrap around 180, good views of the old stone wall


The Revolution Rock


Nate and Joanna on lower section of Revolution

Spring Barn Construction Complete!

Phase 1: Historic Lareau Farm Barn Restoration

Starting on May 1st, we started the first phase of our historic preservation effort on the Lareau Farm Dairy Barn. The South and earliest part of the barn dates back to 1795 and the second and larger portion was added in the early 1900′s when the demand for milk required a larger barn. Phase 1 of the preservation was completed in early June 2016. Stay tuned in the fall as we begin phase 2.


Building Heritage Crew dismantling the Sub-Sill framing on a wet rainy May afternoon

20150101_101548 (1)
20160502_170309 (1)

East Side of the barn showing sub-sill removed, steel beams and cribbing to support

20160503_154357 (1)
20160503_162949 (1)

Bill Atwood begins excavation of the foundation

20160503_163057 (1)

Bill Atwood digging the foundation hole


Foundation dug out and prepped for concrete


Meeting at the bottom of the foundation footing location!

Marriage marks

Not the Marriage Marks on the beams, these help date the barn as pre, 1800's. The used this system to match the pieces for the gunstock posts, before they went to a square beam/post method.

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The Little Graveyard

The Little Graveyard

Ever wonder who is buried in the small graveyard on the hill overlooking the ceremony site at Lareau Farm?  We were curious, so we did a little digging!  Read the full story over at the Vermont Old Cemeteries Association’s website.