Pet Policy

Hello to our furry footed friends,

Please note: We do invite you to visit; however, if barking at every little noise, children bug you and you like to whine when left alone, then this is not the place for you!

We do have plenty of room to romp and play, but be sure your owners take care of your daily deposits if left on the mowed areas of lawn. We request that you use a leash when on property around all the high traffic lawn areas, safety for you and our other guests are paramount. There is a dumpster at the north end of the barn, if needed. We are on the banks of the Mad River, so water play is available, too.

The rooms that allow pets (Patience, Kindness, Gratefulness and Compassion) all have outside door entrances. All other guest rooms are off limits as other guests may have allergies.

Be aware there might be humans in the main building who are not pet friendly, so ask before entering to pass through those areas.  Please keep pets out of common areas of the house.  We want everyone to have a good time while visiting us.  And one more pesky rule: no sleeping on the people beds.

Play on,

The Innkeepers

PS. There is no pet deposit, but if you chose to scratch at doors, chew on pillows and are generally making a mess, a charge will be added to your invoice upon check out ($50 minimum.)

The rooms available for the four footed friends:

Gratefulness: Queen bed with bunk beds, private shower bathroom

Compassion: Queen bed with a single bed & trundle, private shower bathroom

Patience: Queen with 3 single beds [2 cots available], private shower bathroom

Kindness: Queen bed [cot available], private shower bathroom

$125 -$135 each, based upon double occupancy, $25 for additional guests per person per night.

Pet fee: $25


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