Spring Barn Construction Complete!

Phase 1: Historic Lareau Farm Barn Restoration

Starting on May 1st, we started the first phase of our historic preservation effort on the Lareau Farm Dairy Barn. The South and earliest part of the barn dates back to 1795 and the second and larger portion was added in the early 1900′s when the demand for milk required a larger barn. Phase 1 of the preservation was completed in early June 2016. Stay tuned in the fall as we begin phase 2.


Building Heritage Crew dismantling the Sub-Sill framing on a wet rainy May afternoon

20150101_101548 (1)
20160502_170309 (1)

East Side of the barn showing sub-sill removed, steel beams and cribbing to support

20160503_154357 (1)
20160503_162949 (1)

Bill Atwood begins excavation of the foundation

20160503_163057 (1)

Bill Atwood digging the foundation hole


Foundation dug out and prepped for concrete


Meeting at the bottom of the foundation footing location!

Marriage marks

Not the Marriage Marks on the beams, these help date the barn as pre, 1800's. The used this system to match the pieces for the gunstock posts, before they went to a square beam/post method.

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